Super Sushi Smackdown

Super Sushi Smackdown is an action-packed game that will test your reflexes and your wit.

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“… Maybe it’s the furious pace and high difficulty curve, but it’s hard to recall such fiendishly addictive puzzle gaming since I first unpacked my GameBoy in the very early 90s.”

“Been playing this all morning and really liking the frantic pace and difficulty level.”

“Super sushi smackdown is super addictive, the gameplay is fast and fun!”


Battle powerful samurais, pesky ninjas and flirtatious geishas… but don’t forget there’s plenty of sushi to be served in the highly addictive Super Sushi Smackdown.

Super Sushi Smackdown is an action-packed puzzle game that will test both your reflexes and your wit. Keep the customers happy by serving them sushi, but make sure to demonstrate your masterful skills by building up extreme chains and never-ending combos. Complete tricky challenges to level up and discover the powerful skills that hide within you.

Fun for the entire family, Super Sushi Smackdown has plenty to challenge the reflexes and wit of hardened gamers and casual fun-seekers alike.

Who would have thought a day in the life of a sushi waiter would be so addictive?


Not only does Super Sushi Smackdown challenge your hand-to-eye co-ordination but also challenges you to think ahead about the moves you make.


Beginning at a friendly pace, Super Sushi Smackdown builds up the intensity over 9 stages. Deliver sushi to more customers, but watch out because the sushi will come at you quicker as you progress.


Super Sushi smack down features 27 different challenges to complete, tasking you with objectives such as completing a stage in a certain time limit or performing a huge Sushi Chain. Complete the challenges, level up and unlock the special moves that will help you to progress.


With Game Center support along with Facebook and Twitter posting, you can be sure everybody knows who’s the best at Super Sushi Smackdown.


Play on your iPhone, iPad and even the latest iPhone5.


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Super Sushi Smackdown


Super Sushi Smackdown